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Jordan Brand by " " air; Chicago subway car body 2015-10-14 11:10:41 elements. Michael Jordan himself is enjoying the enthusiasm of the people from other countries and the popularity of the people, and in the place where he fought for many years, Chicago has also brought him a surprise. Jordan Brand the local opened a new Jordan Brand "Station 23" flagship store, this is undoubtedly to Michael. Jordan's influence will continue to affect future generations. But the smart brand in order to expand their propaganda, chose the Chicago terrane line CTA red line, as the blueprint to body paint, all selected by Michael Jordan and Air Jordan series of decorative elements, not a fanatical Fans from the body, tore a piece of home to treasure it? today, Arthur, the professional sports equipment brand, announced a formal four year cooperation agreement with the Chinese national Triathlon team (hereinafter referred to as "China iron three team"), ASICS. Arthur will be the sponsor of China National Triathlon team, providing high per cheap air jordans formance competition and training professional running shoes equipment for China National Triathlon team, to help the long-term development and progress of the Asian strong teams. China iron three team outstanding athletes representatives and top leaders of both sides attended the signing ceremony held in Beijing today. Iron three athletes wear professional running shoes sponsored by Arthur, and share their professional experience with Arthur's professional running footwear equipment to help them improve their athletic performance. Mr. Ji Daoming, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration of bicycle fencing Sports Management Center said at the press conference: "on behalf of the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bicycle fencing to express our heartfelt thanks to Arthur, and sincerely hope to cooperate, in Arthur's professional product support, to further improve the Chinese Triathlon Sports Level in the next 4 years of cooperation, open the China national Triathlon team deve Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale loped a new chapter." "China national Triathlon team a good interpretation of Arthur advocated by the athletes spirit", Arthur's general manager of China District Mr. Huang Zehui said in a statement: "they with their best team spirit and the great achievements that we encouraged by. For Arthur, the sponsorship shows our commitment to support the development of China's sports industry, and our deep development of China's sports marketin addition to reappear in September 3rd will usher in the Bred of red color, black Air Jordan OG Retro High 1 toe "Black Toe" in November the sale of nature is concerned with! is the same color as the first year of the 1985 OG, the Bulls white black red classical collocation, is also displayed in the Michael Jordan 31 years ago to the style, such a heavy reproduction, we can be well prepared in advance of ammunition oh! release date: NovemberCang Shi Yi Shu together Adidas Originals launched a new series of 84-Lab 2014-05-06 22:43:09 has been working well with Adidas Originals, a designer buy cheap jordans online who has been working closely with 84-Lab in the spring / summer of 2014 to join hands with Adidas Originals to launch a new series of clothing, which will bring all the fashion designers with simplicity and design sense. In the Originals this season and Adidas cooperation, in favor of fabric development and details of tailoring and function of science and technology use Cang Shi Yi Shu, still will be the integration of functional and its good clothing. In the variety of jacket design, the use of science and technology fabric production, fusion of its special tailoring for the wearer to provide both clothing modeling and full of functional science and technology clothing. In the color, this series is still the continuation of the old Cang Shi Yi Shu simple color, without affectation. Fully shows the designer Kuraishi Yi Shu itself must confidence in the effect of wearing the clothes. And in the shoes, the classic ZX series still appear in this series, and in color, different from the previous season, increased the use of a var air jordan 11 space jam for sale iety of colors, is definitely worthy of special attention. Nike iD recommend LeBron 11 "Two-Time MVP" color matching 2013-12-08 23:51:23 Nike iD following yesterday's launch of LeBron 11 "regular season MVP" color matching, and today Lebron also won the regular season MVP as the theme, recommend this to us; LeBron 11 "Two-Time MVP" color matching. In 2010, Lebron 〉Ewing 33 Hi "Jamaica" on sale date of publication 2013-12-08 23:03:27 The network announced on the & nbsp; Ewing 33 Hi "Jamaica" will be released later this month, this shoe has a significant addition to Jamaica color, heel there Jamaican flag embroidery, shoes on sale in Europe this date is 3 On 15 May, the US release date was March 30. Like friends do not miss, oh. Jordan Brand officially announced the signing of Canadian singer Drake 2013-12-09 00:10:57 Not long ago, Canadian rapper Drake on a personal Instagram drying out of a Air Jordan "OVO" suit, causing much attention. Originally w jordans on sale mens e just thought it was Jordan Brand to create an exclusive series Drake himself only, but this morning, Jordan Brand officially announced the official signing with Drake, Drake has immediately become the Jordan Team's top entertainers. The two sides will not know what kind of spark clashes in the future? Nike Air Python formal engraved return 2013-12-08 23:37:35 In the 26 years after the first sale, this & nbsp; Nike Air Python engraved official return in the autumn. The & nbsp; Nike Air Python inspired combination of Air Jordan 2, and two Air Force 2 Shoes, 1987, this shoe was limited to a rare form of the sale, which is the shoes for the first time from the stadium transformed into "trend" age, white leather shoes to fabrics to create the main body of the shoe, with a large area of ??serpentine decoration materials, and there is no established Swoosh logo. Now engraved back, engraved version of & nbsp; Nike Air Python still retains the classic serpentine color material set, and create high quality leather jordans on sale online shoes. It is reported that the white / silver and white / brown two color will be available in October this year. adidas basketball to sign two stars of the future 2014-07-17 11:26:42 & nbsp;. Earlier this month, has just signed adidas NBA draft pick this year and the 5th rookie Dante Wiggins Essam, but then it gradually calmed down, when we think adidas is concentrated to two rookie create personal signature shoes, recently exposed a weight is quite news, on the 3rd of this year's rookie En Bide and the 6th rookie Marcus Smart is also adidas to hire. So far this year, adidas has six rookies in front of four signed, line-up turns out to be quite powerful. It is reported that, En Bide four years may earn $ 1.5 million while Smart can earn $ 1.2 million. & nbsp;related information: recently, Nike and foot locker and the world's largest 3D entity shop experience, overall store covers an area of very large decorative rather nice, only basketball shoes on sale is at least divided to Kobe, LeBron, cheap foamposites KD, KYRIE, air jordan five plate, in addition to more FoamPoste one "Knicks", what the LeBron Xi and extremely rare shoes. store address: 2 Plaza New York Penn, 10121NY more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.this year, 1 - February, the main macroeconomic operations in Vietnam are as follows: 1, industrial growth fell sharply. this year 1 - February, the more industrial output value of 106 trillion and 100 billion shield (about 6 billion 60 million U.S. dollars), an increase of 2.5%, an increase of 13.8 percentage points down, a record low of 18 years. China's industrial output value dropped by 4.4%; non state-owned industrial output value increased by 5.6%; however, the growth rate dropped by 16.3 percentage points; foreign industrial output value increased by only 3.3%. Steel, textile, footwear and other major industrie jordan 3 katrina 2018 s output value declined significantly. two, decrease in imports and exports. this year, 1 - February, the more exports 8 billion U. S. dollars, down 5.1%, most of the export growth slowed or reduced. Among them, textile exports 1 billion 300 million U. s.dollars, an increase of only 0.7%; oil 958 million U. s.dollars, a decrease of 42.4%; shoes 658 million U. s.dollars, a decrease of 7.3%; aquatic products 461 million U. s.dollars, a decrease of 5.8%; coffee 440 million U. s.dollars, a decrease of 9.6%. Only a good export of rice, export 1 million 50 thousand tons in the first two months, exports of 479 million U. S. dollars. imports $7 billion 730 million, down 43.1%. Among them, domestic enterprises import fell by 48.7%, and foreign enterprises dropped by 29.8%, mainly because of the sharp decline in the export market, the decline in domestic production capacity, the demand for machinery, equipment and industrial raw materials decreased. The mechanical equipment and spare parts imports $1 billion 800 million, down 24%; Retro jordans for sale oil $753 million, reduced by 60% (reduced imports 26.2%); cloth of $494 million, down 4.4%; computer and parts of $420 million, down 30.1%; steel 74.2% ($412 million, reduced imports reduced by 69.7%). three, decrease in foreign investment. 1 February, the new foreign investment projects 68, the agreement amount of $1 billion 513 million, down 65% and 69%, respectively. Another 10 original projects increased investment, capital increase of 3 billion 815 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 41%. Thus, in the first two months, a total of $5 billion 328 million was absorbed, down 30% from a year earlier. four, domestic consumption slump. this year 1 to February, on New Year's day and Spring Festival shopping season, more retail and service, although the 179 trillion and 800 billion vnd (about $10 billion 270 million), an increase of 20.6%, but excluding the price factor, an increase of only 1 digits. In the first two months of this year, CPI rose by only 1.49% over last December, up by 1.17% in February, and is expected to r jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ise by only 0.3% in March. five, 70% of member enterprises export orders only until 2009 April. in the global economic downturn, the Vietnamese industrial enterprises operating difficulties. According to the "Vietnam Economic electronic newspaper" recent inspection results show that 25% of enterprises are on the verge of bankruptcy, operating conditions of good enterprises accounted for only 15%. The Vietnam textile and Apparel Association says 70%The famous Japanese sports retailer kinetics-tokyo has recently officially returned in late September Nike Air Zoom engraved Flight 96 preheating. The engraved priority will be listed first white / Grey / black and white color, the shoes are loyal to the first year of the overall design, only the shoe body carbon fiber part compared to the first year and had engraved version more light tone. 1409560989802_720x450.jpg (66.25 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 engraved plan 2014-9-1 17:02 upload 1409560990290_720x450.jpg (97.52 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 engraved plan 2014-9-1 17:02 upload 1409560990606_720x450.jpg (84.4 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 engraved plan 2014-9-1 17:02 Nike Air Zoom Flight upload, 9600after years of searching, the answer at the end of one one. this moment from the already doomed to eventually settled, the whole buffer for four years, Iverson from the age of 35 until the age of 38, the already slim comeback finally disappeared in the hope that four years of waiting. on many levels, it's not the end of an era, after all, the answer has never ruled alliance, but never with the championship to create belongs to own dynastic history. History written in black and white, is implacable as the golden rule: this honor belongs to Russell, belonging to the bird and magic, belonging to the Jordan and Shaq, Kobe and Duncan, but never belong to the crownless. and choose to leave in four years ago, because the misfits with the reality and the current situation, Iverson has gradually become superfluous outsiders on the court. Not to mention that on the sidelines cruel far away game, he spends money like water erosion life has own push the shabbier, unbearable to look the situation. but we don't want to because of the championship and nice style moral judgment, otherwise a lot of discussion will be meaningless. If someone will be the answer to the life of a career as a node of their own growth, and that AI is worthy of an era, this honor applies to any person. Iverson life without a crown, but with the previously announced retired Tracy McGrady (two days later will be in the magic home accept "legend" the night of tribute), farewell ceremony is no longer distant of Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, in the territory of the popularity carve up the an era. As a matter of fact, the total number of the four of them is limited to 5 of Kobe's. "Xikedongai, North Canaan, Mai" -- this not only poetic summary, at the beginning of this century, it indeed poetic such as painting add radiance to alliance of four popular pole and become many people find it difficult to erase the NBA's memory. Iverson, Kobe was born 96 generation, Tracy McGrady, Carter 97, 98 years after his debut, then Jordan retired, entering the NBA tablets vacuum, idols and age, four young people caught destiny extend the olive branch, has laid the foundation for their own without status can be substituted. chaotic hero, but the hero is not a day to develop. Kobe and tmac two high school students misery loves company, once thought to be difficult to adapt to the adult world of the jungle, until the two substitute to successfully host. and Limerick compared, Iverson and Carter to much more lucky, they Fu debut was to help the team in the future, shot in Yuquyuqiu, core supremacy, and do not bear too much pressure record, Rao is so. They also will not happen overnight will occupy later position. if to this story draw a timeline, 2001 is perhaps the best node, four personal popularity in 2001 and have ushered in the outbreak, even Jordan's return can not change the Separatist Council 〉