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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Jones said the US sporting goods manufacturer Nike are betting this summer during the World Cup than German rival Adidas-sponsored more top players to win overwhelm the other to be the first a big football equipment brands. Reuters website on May 28 reported that sports marketing research agency Repucom28????????????????????????, the world's most commercial appeal of Ten football star in six people being recruited into the Nike camp, Adidas signed only three, and another one is a relatively small brand Puma. reported that the Portuguese star C Ronaldo topped the rankings published in Repucom, about 84 percent of global respondents said they know that the Real Madrid striker's name. The year 2013 helped Nike brand ambassador sold more than one million shirts. ranked second in the Argentine star Lionel Messi is headed Adidas spokesman, according to Repucom data show that about 76 percent of global cheap foamposites respondents knew the names of Macy's, and Macy played for Barcelona dismal performance of the season to make plum West's commercial appeal slightly discounted. It is reported that in January this year was crowned World Footballer of the C Lo's personal appeal by their tweets (Twitter) to help the account, he now has 26 million followers on Twitter, while Lionel Messi only has 2,000,000 followers . reported that, C Lo is not limited commercial appeal jersey he wore when he "Irina Shayk" bare and photo model girlfriend boarded the latest issue of "Vogue" magazine cover of the Spanish edition. However, since Adidas sponsored the C Luo played for the club Real Madrid, so will benefit from the appeal of the C Lo. Repucom founder Smith (sound), said: "Despite the (star) commercial appeal primarily to performance on the pitch, but it also involves a number of variables and performance week after week have a relationship inside and outside the stadium. " Smith adde buy cheap jordans online d: "Players such as C Lo have some unique elements, if you can sell it for packaging, you inadvertently his care." reported that Nike need to do is launch C Luo and his girlfriend led commercials, film a group of boys playing in a community park, the last in a huge stadium with their hearts against football heroes, and scored a penalty, star lineup, in addition to C Luo, also including Wayne Rooney, England and other Brazilian Neymar Top Repucom market appeal of the top ten players. reported that Adidas 24th launch of the new commercials story is German player Bastian Schweinsteiger, Uruguay striker Soares and Alves and other rivals Brazilian players appear in Macy's dreams. But three players were not among the top ten Top Repucom market appeal star list. According to reports, the shoes, shirts and soccer equipment market has long been the leader of the Adidas brand is facing serious challenges from Nike, the latter being the world's largest sporting goods bran jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ds, heavily involved in football only 20 years. Adidas CEO Hainer (sound) recently said:. ". Football is our company's DNA to prove to the world that we want to know, we are the boss of football products in the field," he said, adding that during the current World Cup, adidas sold Soccer will be more than four years ago, South Africa World Cup, the number of shirts sold is roughly the same. Nike believes that it has sold more than football shoes Adidas, including the latter's homeland, Germany. Although Adidas is the official sponsor of the German team, but a lot of the team's players now wear Nike shoes, in May, Germany's game against Poland, the German team nine starters wearing Nike shoes. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)A collection of well-known shop Opening Ceremony America emerging young designers and designers and artists overseas talents back to jordan 3 katrina 2018 Adidas Originals this invitation launched 2014 autumn winter footwear design cooperation, two designers to fashion and avant-garde ideas to create this series, all of the future will be the trend of the elements into every detail, and presented one by one. opening-ceremony-adidas-autumn-winter-2014-1.jpg (45.86 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-13 11:12 upload opening-ceremony-adidas-autumn-winter-2014-2.jpg (55.32 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-13 11:12 upload opening-ceremony-adidas-autumn-winter-2014-3.jpg (35.48 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-13 11:12 upload opening-ceremony-adidas-autumn-winter-2014-4.jpg (59.04 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-13 11:12 upload opening-ceremony-adidas-autumn-winter-2014-5.jpg (57.87 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-13 11:12 upload opening-ceremony-adidas-autumn-winter-2014-6.jpg (50.82 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-13 11:12 Opening Ceremony Adidas Orig jordans on sale mens inals upload, 00 17 year old Cheng Xiaoxia said, she and her brother worked in Shenzhen, Shenzhen after the boss go guy, they each with only 1000 yuan to fight yellow port, haven't thought yellow port boss also go guy. Its brother into Tao said, the shoe factory owes their brother and sister each person more than 3000 yuan of wages, if not get wages, they can not even buy a ticket home. different with siblings, arrears of salary of nearly million migrant workers in Sichuan province Qiu Shaoren, angrily into the boss Hu Haowei bedroom finally found a carry off all that one has, Hu Haowei's suit with cold in the body, wearing a suit of the boss he was holding Hu Haowei photos at more than. the government dispatched emergency stop / shout and don't take pictures. In the plant, from 1 to 5 floors, people enter and exit the workshops and rooms, move and disassemble the equipment in the factory, and climb to the exterior wall to remove the air condit cheap air jordans ioning. The scene was a mess, a on the 3 floor sits on the cardboard box and sits an angry girl. She shouts, "no one wants to rob."......" A carrying two fire extinguisher local man was asked reporters, stating his half a year ago in the factory worked, said the boss also owed him. But when the reporter turned to other workers, no one admitted that the man, calling himself Chen Shuqiang, had worked in the factory. call the reporter Huang Town Government, the town party office after receiving the report, the police quickly led to the blockade and the labor department and rehabilitation. (Editor: afnhk)professional Hatting brand Larose Paris from France now published its 2015 autumn and winter series of single products, brought a total of 76 kinds of style hat section, it can be described as the largest number of season. Designers use the selection of high-quality natural materials, supplemented by fine details on its basis. The entire series is divided into t air jordan 11 space jam for sale wo parts: the traditional waterproof material rabbit hat and stylish new five caps, baseball caps. It is reported that the entire series has been available in Larose Paris official website frame, like a friend might go to buy. after the launch of the "world update" concept space, brain dead and in Dover street market London released an exclusive series. The badge elements into "Jumanji" jacket, his left arm with the color of the DSM logo on the back of the "stamp out reality" slogans dotted among them. At the same time, "Oblivion" T-shirts and two printed T-Shirt are black and white with. Brain Dead x Dover Street Market series is composed of DSML and the online store on sale, priced at 45 pounds to 300 pounds. source: HYPEBEAST[Chinese shoes Network - When new equipment introduced this season] Nike Action Sports Nike SB Eric Koston skateboard shoes. As legendary skater Eric Koston's first signature Nike shoe, he personally involved in the design of shoes and more jordans on sale online than twenty years of experience into one slide. Excellent ability to control is laid out Eric Koston pole position in the skateboard industry, and the perfect combination of cushioning technology and flexible response is given skateboard shoes Nike SB Eric Koston unparalleled control performance. Nike SB Eric Koston skateboard shoes use the Low Ride Lunarlon technology to make shoes lighter, while enhancing cushioning properties, and does not affect the pedal to the touch; TPU reinforced suede uppers and toe seamless design ensures wear shoes more durable, simple color also easy to match; cup-shaped outsole structure, bringing vulcanized shoes like touch panel experience; to create a sole designed for skateboarding, skateboarding effectively enhance the ability to control. technological innovation and top athletes Nike Action Sports team is proud of a valuable asset. Through constant communication with the athletes to convey their ideas, invite contracted rider Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale s involved in the design signature paragraph. In addition, thanks to the convenience of technology, Nike Action Sports will slide into the shoe cushioning, control and induction of three types, for different types of skateboard enthusiasts to provide more suitable choice, these shoes priced at ? 969 yuan, so stay tuned. Jordan Brand again this season to sign 3 rookie, are from the Orlando magic's Victor · oladipo, the Washington Wizards, Otto · Potter and Charlotte Cody · Zeller. With three players in the new season will be wearing Jordan Prime.Fly debut, Jordan Prime.Fly will also become the focus of attention of many venues and shoes, the color of this new product, the overall color has the Hornets style shoes to hit gamma blue as the main colors of royal blue and white with details, and the most beautiful Jordan Prime.Fly is it a embroidery. This color number 599582-407, now on eBay kicksclusive first sale. adidas's skateboard extension Adida Retro jordans for sale s Skateboarding has released new adidas Skateboarding ADI Ease-Gonz shoes. The designer of the shoes is Adidas's Mark Gonzá, lez, whose contributions to art and skateboarding have made him the focus of attention. And the design of this shoe is from his hand, we can see his interpretation of skateboarding, Gonzá, lez selected representative bright blue as the main color, red embellishment. A passion that shows the charm of skateboarding.[Chinese shoes Network - News] German brand sports shoes and apparel brands Adidas Group (Adidas) thanks to high demand for emerging markets, sporting goods and expand high-margin branded stores, increased sales this year expected value . Not long ago, Adidas Group, said the company now expects sales growth this year will be close to 12% (already done for currency fluctuations adjustments), and the company had earlier forecast of 10%. Adidas Group, said the group continued to grow mainly due to the rapid development of emerging market expansion, as well as to further expand the retail business, sales of all major brands continued to rise. It is, after Nike, the world's second-largest sports apparel manufacturer. This is the fourth year the adidas Group raised the sales forecast value, because the market demand for its main brand products rising rapidly, especially in sports shoes and fashion products are very popular in the United States and China. On the basis of the currency adjustment, the Group expects revenue next year will have in the high single-digit growth rate. The Group's operating profit in the third quarter of this year rose by 7.3 percent, amounting to 441 million euros, slightly below the average analyst forecast of 442 million euros value. its quarterly sales of 3.74 billion euros and more than the average analyst estimate of 3.65 billion euros. Adidas Group, said, moving towards the target annual sales of 17 billion euros in 2015, and intends to surpass its rival Nike. So far, the United States, Nike sports goods industry leader, but more difficult, because the Chinese cotton and rubber prices increase, and rising labor costs, Nike has had to raise prices, while the pressure is transferred to the consumer. Nike announced that its June to August this year, the total profit fell 2.7 to 44.3 percent, is expected in the quarter ended in November will once again fell 2%. In contrast adidas gross margin forecast for this year will reach 47.5 to 48 percent, while last year was 47.8 percent. CEO The group's Herbert & middot; Hainer said: "Although we continue to face rising costs and currency fluctuations and other market pressures, but we have the lowest growth and highest growth has been fully grasped." The Group also agreed to $ 25 million acquisition of American mountaineering and cycling footwear manufacturers Five Ten, which will help its fledgling outdoor products business hand. Adidas hopes that by 2015, the business sales to double, reaching more than 500 million euros. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Jordan recently added a pair of new Air, Jordan, VII sneakers to Premio Bin 23 series shoes. The product was the focus of the design in 90s with the popular technique of color matching, but it was also the first appearance of AJ VII shoes at that time. Just like the shoes introduced earlier in this series, each pair of shoes has an exclusive number and is expected to be available in the near future at the designated dealership. So, dear friends, be sure to update this site. download (176.1 KB)〈br 2010-10-8="" 10:51 download (115.91 KB)〈br 2010-10-8="" 10:51 recently always about AJ series of news, the new season will soon, each brand manufacturers also to push their flagship series of non-stop, REEBOK ANSWER series has been 11 years, the upcoming year is REEBOK ANSWER XII, will now share with you some flow diagram.